To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!
To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!

Daydreams Massage Therapy for Women is excited to offer Bass Farms Indiana Goat Milk Soap & Natural Skin Care Products, handcrafted in good ol' Shelbyville! #ShopSmall #ShopLocal


I've been involved with holistic care since 2005, so I'm psyched whenever I'm able to recommend awesome naturally-based products to you, Daydreamers. You can image how thrilling it was for me to discover a line of goat milk body products made locally, right here in the Hoosier heartland! My first time trying out Bass Farms massage oil, I was immediately hooked. It had such a rich feel, smooth glide, and the Lavender/Vanilla scent I chose smelled terrific. After that, I was excited to try out some other goodies, like their Vanilla Bean Body Lotion,  Lemongrass Body & Linen Spray, and Mango Lip Balm. They all smelled delish & felt so moisturizing. And I liked that these products didn't cost an arm & a leg, but they made my skin feel like a million bucks!


Bass Farms' mission is to offer "Goat Milk Skin Care products handcrafted with minimal ingredients. No parabens. No phthylates. Just good stuff. Taking great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service, and in the products we create. We believe so strongly in the benefits of our product line that we desire for all walks of life to be able to purchase with confidence & affordability."  


Their Facebook page describes the care they put into their products & service: "Bass Farms has been creating 'Great for your Skin' Goat Milk Skin Care products since early 2009. This rural southeast Indiana company is consistently producing products infused with Goat Milk, Skin-Loving Neem and Argan oils, Essential Oils, and Anti-Aging miracle oils. Our simple ten-ingredient, Oncologist recommended Triple B Hydrating Cream™ is our #1 selling sought-after product. Triple B Hydrating Cream™ (BABY BUTT BUTTER) Skin Ointment, Moisture Rich, Healing Goodness for ANY skin area. Super great for radiation skin, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, & more! Numerous customers testify of the skin healing benefits of our Triple B Hydrating Cream™" as well as Oncologists & Dermatologists recommending Triple B for their patients.


I'm stoked to be able to support this local small biz that lovingly handcrafts skin-nourishing products with the best natural ingredients, including goat's milk from their own farm! Once my clients try out Bass Farms'  pampering & wellness line, I just know they'll be as crazy about these products as I am. Next time you're in for a session at Daydreams Massage Therapy for Women, take a few extra minutes to browse my selection of Bass Farms' fantastic face & body care products, smell the yummy fragrances, and sample the various lotions & potions that I have on-hand. You may find that BF becomes your skin's new BFF!


Peace, Massage & Pampering! Jill Natalie Harding, Massage Diva :)

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