To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!
To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!

Jill Natalie Harding, Massage Diva :)

Hiya Daydreamers! I'm Jill Natalie Harding, the enthusiastic owner of Daydreams Therapy for Women in Indy. I'm also a Certified Massage Therapist (IN CMT# MT20900106), Certified Prenatal Specialist, Certified Yomassage Practitioner, Reiki Master, Healing Touch, Level 1 provider, and all-around spreader of good vibes, whose motto is, "To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony, U Need Me 2 Knead U!" In other words, a total Massage Diva :)


I studied my craft at Midwest Academy of Healing Arts in Brownsburg, IN, where I learned Swedish, Blended, Hot Stone, Thai Yoga Massage & Reiki. To expand my knowledge of female-oriented holistic health, I became a Certified "Nurturing the Mother" Specialist in 2008. This specialized training is designed to help women transition thru motherhood's stages, including Fertility, Prenatal & Postpartum Massage.


Before natural healing, I spent 15 years as a retail manager. In 2005 my former career in management united with my newfound dreams of creating a women's wellness center. Voila, Daydreams Massage Therapy for Women was born!

My cheerful website & social media pages are designed to reflect my upbeat personality while telling you about my professional experience, education, awards & passion for women's wellness. Let's be social...I'd be tickled pink if you'd become a full-fledged Daydreams Diva Fan by Liking my page at And I wanna be your #1 Posh Person, so if you'd like to browse the newest Perfectly Posh catalog, sign up for Posh Perks or order awesome products, be sure to stop by here:


I've been interviewed for "Massage" Magazine three times & have been featured in their "Best Practices" column, along with being consulted by local publications for stories about massage, bodywork & aromatherapy. My passion for spreading the word about the healing arts led me to study with Andrea Adler, author of "The Science of Spiritual Marketing" in 2009. In 2019 Daydreams Massage Therapy for Women was awarded an 2019 Indianapolis Small Business Excellence Award in the Massage classification.


In my free time, I'm all about social media, artsy phartsy creative pursuits, grown-up coloring books, decorating my dream home, seeing movies, rocking out at concerts, getting colorful tattoos, being a cool aunt, blissful newlywed, and taking part in frivolity with my fantastic family, friends & pets. I believe you've gotta have fun every single day & most of all, stay fab-YOU-lous!!!


I can't wait to see all of you Daydreamers for a personalized chill session at my suite inside the peaceful Greenwood Oaks Executive Suites East very soon.

Peace, Massage & Happiness! Jill Natalie Harding, Massage Diva :)

My Be-YOU-tiful Philosophy

At Daydreams Massage Therapy for Women, it's all about you! My passion lies in helping women restore balance to their hectic lives thru the power of nurturing touch. My studio is a welcoming environment for females of all ages, colors, shapes & sizes...a tranquil haven from the real world. With my gentle massage techniques, peaceful energy balancing, revitalizing aromatherapy oils & relaxing spa treatments, not to mention soft lighting, calming music & the coziest darn massage tables around, I aspire to help each of my fabulous Daydreamers feel like a whole new chickadee in no time flat *_*

Awards & Professional Associations:

Awesome Client gals rock!!

"A one-hour massage was the best! I've needed this. It's time to take time for myself once in awhile. When can we do it again?! A very professional & relaxing massage. The service is excellent, good enough to want to go back for continued therapy. The atmosphere is excellent! I was very satisfied & pleased with the results of the massage. I've gone back repeatedly." ~ Dorie B


"I'm so happy to have found Jill. It was truly amazing." ~ Jenny N


"I have always had great massages by Jill! The muscle soreness in my back felt better. I love the peaceful feeling of the room & the soft music. I love the hot stone massage the is very relaxing! Jill is awesome!" ~ Stacey S

"I always feel relaxed just walking in the door. Jill is amazing. I feel like I need a designated driver after my massage!" ~ Alecia N

"Very relaxing & comfortable massage. Jill did a great job of working out the tension I had.” ~ Misty K


“Jill was very friendly & does an excellent job. This was my first massage & I'll be back! Thank you so much!” ~Heather J

"Nothing is more relaxing than a trip to Daydreams Massage!" ~ Missy B


"Jill was very professional & an excellent Massage Therapist. The atmosphere was very soothing & tranquil. Overall, an excellent experience!" ~ Vicki K

"Jill always makes me smile! Every time I'm here, I come in with the weight of the world on my shoulders & Jill takes that away and makes me feel special & pampered. I'd recommend her to anyone!" ~ Emily H


"I finished my first half marathon on a Saturday & saw Jill on Monday for a massage. I knew that she'd be able to rub my soreness away.  Jill is a very talented therapist as well as a friendly & fun person!  I always look forward to my sessions with her.  I recommend her special U Need Me 2 Knead You Blended Massage." ~ Catherine K 


"Amazing experience!! I got the head massage & spa facial, and it was all very relaxing. I will definitely be back!" ~ Shelaine H


"Jill, thanks so much for your time & much-needed services! My muscles, mind & spirit are so grateful for the release you provide them. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to treat myself to your services. I know others might think that I'm 'spoiled' or 'high maintenance,' but I do this for my health & wellness. People don't seem to understand that stress plays a major role in every disease state. I'm immensely looking forward to our next appointment! Blessings." ~Amanda W


"Had the holiday special: Swedish with hot towels (loved the hot towels!) & foot massage. Jill has wonderful technique & the benefits of my massage lasted for days! Will be going back in four weeks for another." ~ Diana H


"I felt so relaxed after our session. I thought just my shoulders were tense, but Jill worked on my whole back, which tied into the stress in my shoulders. It's nice to take time out for yourself to be pampered...not dealing with calls, work & all the stress that comes with managing our companies. It helps me deal with stressful situations better after taking a deep breath & feeling relaxed during the massage." ~ Danyele C

"Jill is truly one of the nicest people I've ever known, & she gives a great massage! I would trust this gals' hands with anyone I know!" ~ Michele A


"I received this as a gift. I thought it may hurt or be awkward (I'd never been before), but it was neither. Jill made me feel not so nervous, more relaxed & less tense. The facility is well decorated & clean. This was a very good experience. I will recommend to family & friends." ~ Crystal G


"The best thing I ever did for myself was to put myself into Jill's hands. I look forward to each session." ~ Lynette F


"Jill's hands are great. Pressure was just perfect. I'm coming back." ~Debbie D

"Jill did a fabulous job!!! I had just been in a dirt bike accident & she helped relieve sooooo much pain. Thanks!" ~ Mindy D 


"I had a blended massage with Jill. The atmosphere was very relaxing & the massage was amazing. I'd recommend this to anyone. I will definitely return since I had such a wonderful experience." ~ Sandy A 

"Jill is a wonderful therapist & always goes out of her way to address my problem areas. I enjoy the full-body massage & I leave here completely relaxed." ~ Monica L

"Absolutely saved me a trip to urgent care for my shoulder. Great job!" ~Jess C


"Best massage in years. So relaxing I could have easily dozed off. If I could afford it, I would come here several times a week!" ~ Randy R 


"Jill offers anything you'd want in a massage & has a nice facility. I've been going here for years & have recommended her to many." ~ Pam Y


"First ever massage.  Jill was very personable. Massage was very relaxing. Look forward to going back." ~ Rachel B 

"I had a wonderful time. The massage was just great, Jill. I just can't ask for anything better. It's amazing. Next morning I got up & ran, I can't tell you how much my body was relaxed. It really made a difference in my running. You are a wonderful Massage Therapist. Thank you very much!" ~ Beredu T


"I got a massage to relax before my baby is born. I feel completely relaxed & stress-free now. Great job. I will come back!" ~ Kory G


"It was great to get the chance to get a massage. You'll definitely be seeing me again." ~ Antonia F

"Took my girlfriend here for our anniversary. Jill provided the best possible experience. We will most definitely be going back very soon!!" ~ Nathan S


"Jill was wonderful! She did a great job making me relax. My back has never felt this wonderful before. I felt like I was floating on clouds! I highly recommend her & I'd definitely come see her again." ~ Sarah M

"Jill is really personable. My mom & I went for a massage & we will go back for another one." ~ Heidi L


"Jill provided the best massage I ever had.... highly recommended to anyone." ~ Leisa B

"Jill was wonderful. Very professional. Very pleasant." ~ Danielle B

"I have never had a massage before. Jill made me feel comfortable & relaxed. I will come back again." ~ Angie E

"Best massage I've felt in awhile, especially the hands & feet!" ~ Ashley H

"Jill is very personable & professional. I was a bit leery of going for a full-body massage, as I have weight issues, but she made me feel very comfortable. She is chatty if you want to talk, but also works silently if you just want to relax. I've referred friends, as well as taken my mom for a Mother's Day massage. I'm a regular client & try to go monthly. Definitely helps with stress levels & sense of well-being." ~ Catherine K

"Jill made me feel very comfortable & relaxed. Everyone needs to try this at least once to realize how much they'd really enjoy it." ~ Amy P


"I have very tight shoulders & back & was experiencing some tingling in my left forearm. I feel much looser overall, and my arm feels much more normal. Jill did a great job of asking about my comfort. She was very smooth in her movements." ~ Michele A 

"I regularly have Blended Therapeutic Massage. I enjoyed it & Jill suggested a hot bath later to help with any soreness. She's always helpful & puts a person at ease. Jill is very professional and always takes into account the individual concerns of her clients, both health-wise and pain-wise. Such an inviting peaceful & pleasant. Jill always makes me feel like dancing after a massage!" ~ Elaine J

"I requested a Hot Stone Massage to help alleviate pain caused from neuropathy (nerve damage) due to diabetes complications. I also suffer from depression/anxiety & sought help to relax. Nice! Mere words cannot 'stress' the importance of a professional massage as an impressive relaxation technique to reduce 'stress'! I recommend a nice, relaxing massage to anyone, especially a massage administered by Jill. Relaxing mood, music & my muscles! Thanks!" ~ G Lynn R

"Jill 'rocked' my world with a wonderful hot stone massage, my first! I thought the stones would be too hot for my sensitive skin, but they felt wonderful, truly relaxing experience. Thanks for the wonderful massage in a relaxing atmosphere!” ~ Alecia F

"I had the Hot Stone Massage and it was awesome. I get other massages, but the hot stones just take the massage to a whole new level. Thanks so very much." ~ Nancy R 

"I have arthritis is my shoulder & Jill helped me a lot. Today I was having trouble with my sinuses & she gave me a sinus treatment; it really helped. This was my second massage here with Jill. Both were wonderful, very relaxing & soothing." ~ Carol M

"I just had a Prenatal Massage with Jill. My poor muscles & aching back had really been bothering me due to the extra weight & strain of the pregnancy. Jill really helped me with that. I loved the atmosphere & the great bolstering pillow she used to keep me comfortable. I'll definitely be scheduling future appointments with Jill. I'd recommend her to anyone in need of great relaxation :)" ~ Laura W

"This was my first pregnancy massage. Jill did a wonderful job keeping me comfortable. There are not enough great words to say! Amazing. Keep up the good work : ) There will be many people who will appreciate your work." ~ Stephanie B 

"Wonderful! Jill paid special attention to areas I needed more. My first pregnancy massage was an amazing experience. I will be back to experience other types of massage." ~ Sarah S 

"Jill is wonderful & her studio is very relaxing...a great environment to relieve stress! I'd highly recommend a visit." ~ Laura K

"Definitely what I need to relax during the final stage of my pregnancy. This was a great experience & I'll definitely be back after my daughter is born! I recommend a massage by Jill to anyone! Thanks!" ~ Amanda B

"I received a certificate from some friends for a baby shower gift. I am 38 weeks pregnant and I have been having a lot of back pain and my feet are swollen. Jill focused on my back and it really feels great. I would recommend people to come here. It is very relaxing & quiet and not busy with other types of procedures going on in the background, such as hair driers, like at other places I've been to where it's a lot of loud talk & rushing." ~ Jeanetta W

"I had lots of lower back pain, but the massage completely relaxed me, which was great right before my delivery! I'd recommend Jill to anyone--she's great!" ~ Rebecca M 

"With pregnancy comes pain & aches...lower back is the big one. Being pregnant it's hard to relax, so having a massage helps that happen. I'm ready for a nap." ~ Marci D

"She did a wonderful job and knew exactly how to work out the painful pregnancy aches! I felt as if I could fall asleep when I was done. I felt so relaxed and very comfortable with Jill during the massage. I will definitely return a few more times before the baby is born!" ~ Sarah S

"I was recently married & I treated my matron of honor & bridesmaids to a morning of pampering. It was wonderful... just great in taking care of all my needs to make it a wonderful morning!" ~ Michele C

"My friends and I had massages at your place last Saturday...awesome! Thanks for the wonderful services you provide!" ~ Mary H

"They believe in the concept that 'It's All About You'. That's an uncommon service these days." ~ Natalie D

"If you're looking for a place to go that isn't full of stuck-up people that think they are better than you, then this is the place for you...really down-to-Earth. You are treated with respect & don't have to be self-conscious at all. If I had the money, I'd be in there once a week." ~ Zee B

"It was wonderful, the atmosphere was wonderful...most importantly Jill was wonderful! They have a wide variety of pampering services & various types of massages. Jill's services fit into anyone's budget & is very accommodating!" ~ Kate H

"I had an awesome experience...wonderful atmosphere. My massage by Jill was great. Best place ever! Way to rock!!" ~ Kay R

"Hi Jill, I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time my friends & I had. Thanks so much for the wonderful service; it was perfect. We do plan on coming back. Thanks again & have a wonderful day!" ~ Ede B


"Jill offers a variety of massage methods & runs her clinic professionally. She pays attention to details. That makes her stand apart." ~ Lolita K 

"Jill has the lightest, softest touch, very relaxing. Fantastic!" ~ April J 

"Jill is very professional, sweet & gentle. Music was great. Didn't think I could relax, but I did. My first experience, it was wonderful...a great gift. Will be back. Thank You!" ~ Mary L

Daydreams Massage Therapy for Women

by Jill Natalie Harding,

Massage Diva :)

IN CMT# MT20900106


Offering Gentle Massage Therapy for Females, Couples Massages, Yomassage ®,

Energy Balancing &
Spectacular Spa Packages



500 Polk St, Suite 6M, Greenwood, IN 46143
(Inside Greenwood Oaks Executive Suites East, Bldg 6)

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Daydreams is Temporarily Closed because of the Covid-19-related State Shelter-in-Place Order. I'll see you again as soon as it's safe, Daydreamers! 

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No funny business! Full draping is required for all clients. All services provided by Jill Natalie Harding are ethical, professional, non-sexual & completely respectful in nature.

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