To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!
To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!

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Daydreams Divas Wellness Plan

Save $10, $15, $20 or $25 on Each Session

Think about how great it feels to treat yourself to a massage or spa service occasionally. Now imagine how amazing you’d feel if you took care of yourself like this more often. Well, I'm here to encourage you to take good care of your body...after all, it's where you live!

Massages are great when you get 'em occasionally to help you relax (obviously!) But to make a BIG DIFFERENCE in how you feel in your everyday life, massage & wellness therapies have MUCH BIGGER BENEFITS when received on a steady, ongoing basis. This lets the effects of the healing process add up, kicking butt on pent-up stress, knocking out tension & making lots of lasting improvements that will make you feel like a champ!


Wouldn't it be awesome to feel less pain, handle stress better during the day & sleep better at night? Regular massage, energy balancing & spa sessions can help this fantasy become a reality in your life! Us gals tend to take care of everyone else before ourselves. Well, guess what? When we're run-down & drained, we don’t have enough energy to nurture others or tackle family, work or activities like the superstars we really are.

When I started my biz, lots of clients told me they wished they could come see me more frequently, but they didn't believe they could afford to. Let's face it, money can cause major stress for many of us, ugh...but you shouldn't have to short change your wellness because you're short on change, so I created the Daydreams Divas Discount Plan for my fabulous clients. Kinda like an economic stimulus plan for your health & happiness!

When you’re not feeling your best, you want to feel better right away, not just when there happens to be a coupon available now & again, right? That’s why I created this ongoing plan designed to be more helpful than waiting for a special offer here or a coupon there on an inconsistent basis.

The Daydreams Divas Wellness Plan is an easy, affordable, & enjoyable way to put YOU at the top of your To-Do-List more often!

Ladies, here's how this awesomeness works:

Visit every 8 weeks & save $10

on any session of $50+ 

Visit every 6 weeks & save $15

on any session of $50+
Visit every 4 weeks & save $20

on any session of $50+
Visit every 2 weeks & save $25

on any session of $50+ 


(Plan is not valid with gift certificates

or any other discount.)

Your first session will be at regular price. Follow-up sessions are priced according to how often you visit...the more you visit, the more you save & the better you feel. It's a you have nothing to lose & everything to gain! 


So wanna feel like an invincible superheroine ready to conquer anything?  To get started give me a call/text at 317*847*0555 or book a session online on the Book It! page of this site. I look forward to helping you feel your absolute best soon!  

Peace, Relaxation & Happiness! Jill Natalie Harding, Massage Diva :)

Daydreams Massage Therapy for Women

by Jill Natalie Harding,

Massage Diva :)

IN CMT# MT20900106


Offering Gentle Massage Therapy for Females, Couples Massages, Yomassage ®,

Energy Balancing &
Spectacular Spa Packages



500 Polk St, Suite 6M, Greenwood, IN 46143
(Inside Greenwood Oaks Executive Suites East, Bldg 6)

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Call or text Jill Natalie Harding at 317*847*0555
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Daydreams is Temporarily Closed because of the Covid-19-related State Shelter-in-Place Order. I'll see you again as soon as it's safe, Daydreamers! 

Mon-Tues, Thurs & Fri 10am-6:30pm
Sat 10am-3pm
Closed Sundays
& Wednesdays.

Sessions by appointment only.

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No funny business! Full draping is required for all clients. All services provided by Jill Natalie Harding are ethical, professional, non-sexual & completely respectful in nature.

I accept Cash, Check, MC,

Visa, Discover & AmEx, as well as Spafinder Gift Cards.

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