To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!
To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!

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All massages are deluxe with aromatherapy essential oils, 

soothing music, soft lighting, heated tables & warm tables.


Looking to make wellness part of your lifestyle? Read all about my Daydreams Divas Wellness Plan on the Save on It! page to save up to $25!


Two Options for Couples Sessions:

Daydreamers, would you like to share a massage with someone special? My suite has two massage tables, so many treatments are available for couples.


1) I offer side-by-side sessions (one after the other) for sweethearts, mom & daughter, sisters, or gal pals. You may nap or read on your heated table while your guest receives their tranquil massage. Then I'll switch tables so you may enjoy a peaceful session, while your guest indulges in some quiet time. Double the relaxing goodness!

2) Wanna bring your main squeeze? On occasion I can coordinate with a colleague so we can do both sessions simulaneously. Please note that I usually need a week or so heads up for this option. 

Spectacular Summer Spa-cation Spa Packages


Body & Soul Serenity Mini

30-min Chakra Energy Balancing Therapy &
30-min Aromatherapy Massage~

Total Package 60-min/$100

Body & Soul Serenity Plus

30-min Chakra Energy Balancing Therapy &
45-min Aromatherapy Massage~

Total Package 90-min/$115


Body & Soul Serenity Deluxe
30-min Chakra Energy Balancing & 60-min Aromatherapy Massage~

Total Package 105 min/$130


Comfort Zone Mini

15-min Spa Treatment for Hands, 15-min Honey Facial
& 30-min Blended Massage~

Total Package 60-min/$100


Comfort Zone Plus

15-min Spa Treatment for Hands, 15-min Honey Facial
& 60-min Blended Massage~

Total Package 90-min/$130


Comfort Zone Deluxe

15-min Spa Treatment for Hands, 15-min Honey Facial
& 75-min Blended Massage~

Total Package 105-min/$145


Head to Toe Harmony Mini
15-min Mini-Spa Facial, 15-min Neat Feet Treatment
& 30-min Blended Aromatherapy Massage~

Total Package 60-min/$100


 Head to Toe Harmony Plus ~ My most popular package!

15-min Mini-Spa Facial, 15-min Neat Feet Treatment
& 60-min Blended Aromatherapy Massage~

Total Package 105-min/$130


Head to Toe Harmony Deluxe
30-min Mini-Spa Facial, 30-min Neat Feet Treatment
& 60-min Blended Aromatherapy Massage~

Total Package 120-min/$180


Tech Neck Treatment Mini

15-min Celestial Scalp & Shoulder Massage & 
30-min Upper-Body Aromatherapy Massage~

Total Package 45-min/$75


Tech Neck Treatment Plus

30-min Celestial Scalp & Shoulder Massage & 
30-min Upper-Body Aromatherapy Massage~


Total Package 60-min/$100


Tech Neck Treatment Deluxe 

30-min Celestial Scalp & Shoulder Massage & 

45-min Upper-Body Aromatherapy Massage~

Total Package 75-min/$115


Mind/Body/Spirit Massage, Bodywork & Energy Balancing

Relaxation Massages

"U Need Me 2 Knead U" Blended Relaxation Massage ~



60-min/$ 80



Sometimes Swedish Massage gets a bad rap for being a "relaxation" massage (like that's a bad thing?!), but my Blended Massage is all that & a bag of chips! Daydreams' most popular style is a delectable mix of Swedish style rhythmic strokes, gliding movements & gentle kneading of light-medium pressure. It improves circulation, relieves muscle pain & knocks out tension, bringing about the relaxation response & making you feel super duper! What's not to love?


Many of my clients rely on monthly Blended Massages as a vital tool in their stress-busting arsenal, making them feel on top of the world. Kick stress to the curb with this gentle, yet powerful massage!

"Rock Your World"

Hot Stone Massage ~





Some like it hot! Delightful heat from well-oiled lava stones penetrates deep into your muscle tissues, melting tension & making you feel blissed out. Smooth stones will be placed along the spine & used in my'll feel like your back, legs & arms are being caressed with a blanket of warmth! Hot Stone is frequently requested by arthritis sufferers, as the heat soothes sore joints, as well as enjoyed by ladies wanting an ultimate spa experience. These stones bring about a peaceful easy feeling that will have you saying, "Rock on!"

"Blissfully Bodacious"
Bamboo Massage ~





This luxurious treatment uses toasty warm bamboo rollers of varying sizes to massage your limbs, back, neck  & feet, giving a deeper pressure than the hands alone. The comforting heat of smooth, oiled bamboo, gliding along your sore muscles, creates a euphoric cocoon of spine-tingling comfort, breaking down adhesions & relaxing tightness from head to toe. Great for active weekend warriors & stay-at-home supermoms alike. Blissful, bodacious, bamboolicious body massage is the best of the best! 

"Cloud Nine 

Dreamland" Massage ~





Ever dreamed about having it all? Now you can! This oh-so-delectable mix of therapies including Hot Stone, Shiatsu Acupressure, Aloha Hawaii Island Massage, and Reiki Energy Balancing will have you floating on a cozy cloud of pure joy. Go ahead...dream on!

"Aloha Hawaii"

Island Massage ~ 



Lomi Lomi is known as loving hands massage in Hawaii. It incorporates the belief that all things are unified, encouraging harmonious physical & emotional connection. I use aromatic oils to create gliding strokes with my thumbs, palms & forearms, along with gentle stretching. These island philosophies, tranquil touch & rhythmic movements relax the body & create inner peace, enhancing your feel-good quotient. With an Island Massage, life’s a beach!

"Your Moment of Zen"

Shiatsu Acupressure ~ 





Shiatsu Acupressure is an Eastern tradition of protecting our vital life force from disruptions in natural energy balance that can cause illness. When your energies don't go with the flow, organic & emotional vim & vigor may be lost, leaving you out of sorts.


I use softly invigorating acupressure compressions, rocking & simple stretches along your energy pathways. Think of it like a cat's paws softly kneading you (without the claws!) soothing! The relaxation response does all kinds of cool things like improving circulation, softening stiff muscles, easing stress, lightening anxiety & depression, or getting rid of pesky headaches. Nourishing bodywork for when your get-up-and-go has got-up-and-went. Under pressure? Try Acupressure!

"Let's Do the Twist, Rock & Roll" Table Thai Yoga Massage





Table Thai Massage, known around here as lazy gal's yoga, will have you twisting, turning & stretching like a rubber band. But here's the twist, so to speak....your job is to relax into the movements as I do the work and s-t-r-e-t-c-h you into loosey-goosey oblivion. For this session, wear your comfy workout gear (T-shirt & shorts or yoga pants), be ready to bend, rotate & stretch. I'll add in some Shiatsu compressions (think kitty cat kneading), acupressure massage stick rolling, and gentle rocking. This "rock & roll" therapy will leave you feeling 10 feet tall & ready to take on the world!

Energy Balancing

"Serenity Now" Reiki Chakra
Energy Balancing ~

30-min/$50 or 60-min/$80

Energy therapies like Reiki boost our vital life force energy & nurture our body's bio-field. The easiest way for me to describe my Energy Balancing sessions is to say they're like a massage for the mind...a way to quiet overactive thoughts & help your brain & body get their act together as their shared connection is strengthened! As energy flows smoothly, a sense of physical calm & mental balance drifts over you. Now that's good mojo!

Energy work may sound a bit out there, but it's now offered in many hospitals as a complementary therapy. During a session, my hands are placed along your body's meridians to channel positive vibes & release any blockages. I also use stones & essential oil help balance each chakra. So go with the flow & keep feeling those good vibrations!

"Daydream Believer"
Meditative Therapy ~ 

60-min/$ 90


90-min ~ $120   


If you have trouble making your mind be quiet when you try to relax, this technique might be just what you've been dreaming of! These sessions combine creative visualization, deep breathing, energy balancing & subtle therapeutic movements, like rocking & gentle shiatsu compressions. You'll feel calmer, now & zen!

Serene Being Aromatherapy, Facials & Spa Treatments


"Sweet Dreams"

Aromatherapy Massage ~



60-min/$ 80



Sweet dreams are made of these... don't be surprised if you find yourself craving the calm & comfort offered by this much kneaded  treatment after just one session! 


Enchanting essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, woods & roots each have their own unique scent, characteristics & benefits. Oils have been known to do all kinds of groovy

things, like deepening relaxation, improving circulation, speeding the healing of wounds or easing sinus pressure & headaches. Relax to the max with this absolutely scent-sational session!


AromaTouch" Light

Massage Technique~




AromaTouch merges the power of aromatic oils with feather-light back & foot massage for an out of this world detoxifying wellness experience with the goal of putting the kibosh on factors that may keep us from feeling tip top: stress, weak immunity, inflammation & autonomic imbalance. Fragrant essential oils are carefully chosen to help inflammation dwindle, kick your immune system into full gear, erase muscle pain, inspire connectedness, and boost your feel-good quotient. An essentially effervescent experience!

"Peaceful Mellow Sensation" Therapy (PMS Treatment)

   15-min/$25 or 30-min/$50


Don't let cramps cramp your style...let's turn PMS into a positive! This technique takes PMS to the next level...from the dreaded Pre-Menstrual Syndrome to a desired Peaceful Mellow Sensation. By using essential oils, all-natural heat packs & gentle abdominal massage to soothe your sore stomach area, this therapy can ease menstrual symptoms & give IBS pain some TLC ASAP. Helps cramps take a hike...period. ;)

Splendid Spa Therapies~ Fantastic Facials, Foot & Hand Treatments 

"Fabulous Fancy Face"

Spa Facial ~

15-min/$25 or 30-min/$50


Gentle facial, designed to remove dirt, oil & make-up and leave your skin glowing like a supermodel. My spa facials use natural products to show off your natural beauty. This refreshing service cleanses, exfoliates, tones & moisturizes…all that plus the pure pleasure of hot towels, aromatherapy, and massage to the face, scalp & neck. Sure to put a smile on your luminous face!

"Sweet as Honey"

Facial Massage ~

15-min/$25 or 30-min/$50


Fragrant organic honey masks tighten pores & moisturize skin, giving you a healthy glow and skin that smells like sweet nectar. Hydrating honey takes the sting out of aging by helping skin stay supple & plumping the skin, softening fine lines (not that you have any of those!) Frequent honey facials are way more natural & affordable than Botox, and still lets your face move ;) Bee good to yourself & buzz right in for this honey of a facial!

"Scintillating Celestial"
Scalp & Shoulder
 Massage ~

15-min/$25 or 30-min/$50


An upper-body massage that’s head & shoulders above the rest. This invigorating head, face, scalp, neck & shoulder treatment features rhythmic rubbing of acupressure points to boost circulation, perk up your energy, evaporate stress, dissolve eyestrain, dissipate headaches, erase insomnia & mellow out grumpy neck/shoulder muscles.


Savory essential oils refresh your face & stimulate the scalp. Let me put you into orbit with this out-of- this-world massage! 

"Handy Dandy" Spa Treatment for Hands~15-min/$25


Get a grip with this tremendous treat for your hard-working hands featuring an excellently exfoliating sugar scrub, heavenly hot towels, marvelous moisturizing lotion & healing hand massage. Hip hip hooray...this handy dandy treatment deserves two thumbs up!

"Neat Feet" Exfoliating

Foot Treatment ~


This invigorating treatment uses an exfoliation scrub to remove yucky rough skin, followed by swaddling both feet in hot towels, making you feel snug as a bug in a rug! The grand finale is a fantastic foot rub with a lovely lotion to pacify your poor aching feet. Transforms feet from fatigued to fantastical!

"Terrific Tootsies" Mini
Foot Rub ~ 15-min/$25


Need a quick pick-me-up for your tired tootsies? Amp up a massage or facial by adding this irresistible treatment to your repertoire. This short, but sweet foot rub with delectable essential oils and soothing lotions & potions will have you tapping your toes in no time!

"Fit to be Thai'd"

Thai Acupressure

Foot Massage ~
30-min/$50 or 45-min/$65


Tranquil Thai Foot Massage renews worn out feet, making them feel wondrous, and promotes full-body restoration thru stretching, stimulating acupressure points & a good old fashioned foot rub.


By triggering reflex points to activate natural holistic impulses, Thai Foot Massage strives to subdue stress, promote peaceful sleep, improve circulation, maximize alertness, and help support a healthy immune system. Thai one on...this treatment will sweep you off your feet, leaving you footloose & fancy free!





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