To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!
To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!

Nurturing the Mother Services

All massages & spa packages  are "deluxe" with soft lighting, soothing music, heated tables, aromatherapy essential oils & cozy warm herbal heat wraps included in the session. Ahhhh....

I have specialized training in "Nurturing the Mother" ® Ferility, Prenatal & Postpartum Massage, so you know you'll be in good hands with me!  


"Holistic Hot Mama" Prenatal Massage ~

30-min/$50or 60-min/$80
(Recommended anytime after the 1st trimester.)

Don’t kid yourself, some parts of pregnancy aren't so swell. Overactive hormones & weight gain can put a motherlode of pressure on a woman’s body, causing morning sickness, back aches, cankles, mood swings & extreme exhaustion. Expect more while you’re expecting with this mother of a massage!


My padded table & plush blankets leave you as warm & snuggly as a bun in the oven! This soothing side-lying session gives mommy-to-be some me-time…soothing soreness that has your body crying out in pain, babying your sensitive back, pacifying achy hips, and pampering you with the nurturing naptime you need before those impending sleepless nights.  Oh baby, you’ll feel born again! Bonus, I'm specially certified in Prenatal Massage, so you’ll be in good hands.


"Better Belly" Body Butter Belly Rub ~ 15-Min/$25

Try saying that 3 times fast! Although the name may be a tongue-twister, you'll be putting your best belly forward with this tummy treatment! Ideal for mommies who want to baby themselves further during a prenatal session & give them some bonus TLC. This soothing stomach rub blends rhythmic kneading & soft circular strokes, with cocoa butter, shea butter or essential oils. Many women believe cocoa butter minimizes the appearance of stretch marks (hooray!), plus it feels incredibly soothing when applied over your baby bump. Tummies treasure this tranquil treat!

"Fantasia Fertility Goddess" Massage ~ 60-Min/$80 or 75-Min/$95



Many couples trying to make a baby get caught up in necessary, but distracting rituals (taking supplements, charting cycles, IVF treatments) that raise their stress levels off the chart. Infertility has been linked to stress (see a connection here?), but everyone knows that massages are surefire stress-busters. So retreat to your own personal paradise, with a pleasant massage that promises to leave you relaxed, refreshed & more likely to be conducive to conception. This session will lure you like a modern day fertiltiy goddess with it's supremely serene blend of mellow massage with euphoric energy balancing helping to reconnect a busy brain & burdened body…plus rhapsodic reflexology, helpful hip stretches, beguiling belly rub & exhilerating essential oils. Keep calm & bring baby on board!


"Energizer" Prenatal Energy Balancing Session ~ 30-min/$50


Energy Balancing Therapy received during the early stages of pregnancy may help to reduce tiredness & morning sickness. It has been known to reduce aches & pains associated with the changing body of the mommy-to-be. Energy therapy can also ease potential fears & anxieties that can occur during the course of a pregnancy, up to & including, the birth process. Energy therapy provides an oasis of calm during an especially emotional time in a woman's life & gives a much needed sensation of peacefulness. This quiet, reflective time that occurs in a session, along with the positive energy brought about, can create a powerful bonding experience between mother & child.

Energy work may even be done before conception for a woman who intends to become pregnant. Females trying to conceive may benefit from the relaxation & stress-relief that energy balancing provides.

"Mum's the Word" Postpartum Massage ~ 60-min/$80 or 75-min/$95


Up to your knees in Pampers? Let me pamper you! Sometimes mommy needs to recharge her batteries to regain her full-on awesomeness. This session will bring out your inner child, temporarily turning off your overactive brain, revamping restless muscles & lulling you to sleep like a baby. When a mommy takes care of herself, taking time to calm any postpartum blues or tame muscles that are throwing a temper tantrum, it's a cinch to meet the needs of her little bundle of joy. I enjoy helping marvelous mamas relax to the max. You’re sure to skip out of your session feeling like a kid at heart!


Daydreams Massage Therapy for Women

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No funny business! Full draping is required for all clients. All services provided by Jill Natalie Harding are ethical, professional, non-sexual & completely respectful in nature.

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