To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!
To Create a Mind & Body in Harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!

Welcome, Daydreamers! At Daydreams, It's All About YOU!

Daydreams Massage Therapy for Women is temporarily closed until at least August because of lingering concerns over Covid-19 & the inability to social distance during a massage session, so the online booking option has been temporarily been turned off. Thank you for understanding & I look forward to seeing you when it's safe & healthy for both you & I. 


Welcome to Summer! 


Long time, no see, Daydreamers...I miss you! Last month I said I'd reevaluate reopening in July. Well, that the time is here, and in the interest of safety, I won't opening my doors up yet. I's a bummer! Here's the thing: I continue to monitor Indiana's Covid-19 cases daily, as well as nationwide, and many states are seeing spikes in coronavirus patients. I can't, in good conscience, put you, my other clients, myself or my family at risk by doing hands-on treatments. There's just no way to socially-distance during a massage session.

As a small biz owner, I've been concerned about things like:
"What if my clients leave me to go to a chain massage company that's decided to reopen?"

"How am I going to continue to pay for rent on a studio that I haven't been able to use since March?"

"Will my clients come back as soon as I am able to reopen safely?"

My first month of quarantine I was down in the dumps, but since then I've tried to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again. While I've had this unexpected time at home, I've been taking an avalanche of online health & wellness classes. (Is "education addiction" a thing? If so, I've got learning fever right now, haha!)

Soooo I can now proudly call myself Jill Natalie Harding, Massage Diva (CMT) & Certified Yoga Instructor...whoo hoo! The courses I've earned certificates in over the past few months, have been focused on trauma-informed wellness. In fact, I'm currently the only Yomassage Therapist in Indiana who's certified in Yomassage, Energetic Yomassage, & Trauma-Informed Bodywork. I've also completed courses in Yoga Nidra (The Meditation of Sleep) & Mindful Touch at Home. Now I'm taking online courses on Yoga for Youth & Social-Emotional Learning Mindfulness Therapy. We've all experienced an emotional upheaval with the big challenges 2020 has thrown at us, so these classes will guide me in how to incorporate a mental health component into mind, body & spirit wellness.

What does all this mean for you, dear Daydreamers? I know you're way overdue for your regular bodywork sessions, so I'm offering two virtual options to tide you over until I'm comfortable seeing clients again:

1) Mindful Touch at Home provides the resources & knowledge needed to intentionally & mindfully incorporate Mindful Touch into your everyday wellness routine. You'll learn from Dr. Tiffany Ryan about the importance of safe, healthy touch & its impact on our mental, physical, & emotional wellbeing.

This course covers social distancing & its challenges, impacts of touch deprivation, benefits of safe touch & its ability to relieve stress & anxiety, communication & consent around touch, and offer suggestions for the type of touch to give, where, when & how to give it.

At only $69.99 it's about the cost of just one studio session with me. I encourage you to bond with your close friends, family, or roommates during this social distancing era using Mindful Touch at Home. 
Click the link below to watch a video of Mindful Touch in action or to order your course:

2) I'm going to start offering virtual slow yoga, meditation, & self-care classes online! As they say, there ain't nothin' like the real thing, but my goal is for this to be the next best thing to actually coming to my studio in person! So keep an eye here on my website & my social media. I'll be posting details about online classes on these spots:

Until We Meet Again...Peace, Relaxation & Hope!
Jill Natalie Harding,

Massage Diva (CMT) & Yoga Instructor :)

PS-Some of you have asked how you can help support Daydreams Massage during this temporary shut-down. Positive reviews are always welcomed on Google, Facebook, MassageBook, Angie's List, Yelp, or Foursquare!


And PayPal has introduced a new Donation feature for small businesses affected by the shut-down, so if you feel moved to make a donation, you may do so right here: 

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me during these topsy-turvy times! We'll get through this together & I'll see you on the other side.


Daydreamers, give yourself or another incredible lady in your life something to look forward to! Daydreams Massage Therapy for Women Gift Certificates are available here:


Ladies, do you find yourself stressed-out, keyed-up, under-the-weather, or just plain frazzled? Yuck! What would you give to feel relaxed, rested, re-energized & ready-to-go instead? You don't need an expensive extreme makeover to transform from blah to blissful. At Daydreams Massage Therapy for Women, it's more affordable than you might think to add regular bodywork sessions to your humdrum daily routine & go from being exhausted to exhilarated!


We women experience tons of hormonal changes & pent-up tension, which takes a toll on our bodies & emotions (am I right?!) The healing art of massage & energy balancing can transform you from being tense & tired to feeling refreshed & renewed. One massage can make you feel awesome, but imagine what receiving ongoing sessions can do. You'll feel like a superhero...floating on cloud nine, ready to conquer the world!


It makes my day to see gals experience the wonders that bodywork can have for well-being & peace of mind. So make a much-kneaded investment in YOU...let me help you feel like a rock star!


My studio was created as a welcoming & comforting haven for all ladies, no matter what your body type is, what age you are, who you love, what color you are, or what you believe. Daydreams celebrates diversity & whatever makes you YOU-nique, while providing you with the healing art of nurturing touch. Jill Natalie Harding, Massage Diva, specializes in gentle relaxation Massage Therapy (including Nurturing the Mother® Fertility, Prenatal & Postpartum massage), Couples Massage, Yomassage ®, Slow Yoga, & Energy Balancing. To create a mind & body in harmony...U Need Me 2 Knead U!

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Daydreams is Temporarily Closed because of the Covid-19-related State Shelter-in-Place Order. I'll see you again as soon as it's safe, Daydreamers! 

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